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Dr. Li Jie is an international lecturer, presenter and practitioner.

Dr. Li Jie (Ph.D) is practicing for more than 20 years in The Netherlands. In his practice dr. Li Jie has dealt with many different medical cases, such as:

  • Complex internal diseases. For example, heart diseases, lung diseases, digestive system diseases, diseases of the urinary system, diseases of hematological system, diseases of the endocrine system, metabolic diseases and diseases of the brain and nervous system.
  • Complementary treatment of cancer (chemotherapy, radiotherapy and surgery). For example, breast cancer.
  • Gynecological diseases, such as PMS, endometriosis, supporting treatment of IVF, infertility, etc.
  • Skin diseases, such as acne, eczema, psoriasis, etc.
  • Stress and CFS.

Dr. Li Jie at Rothenburg TCM Congress 2017
On May 24, 26, and 27 dr. Li Jie will present at the TCM Congress in Rothenburg, Germany.
See this website for more information.


Dr. Li Jie is currently practicing in Nijmegen and North-Holland (The Netherlands).
You can visit dr. Li Jie at: Tjalie Robinsonstraat 21, Nijmegen.



The Acu-Hole Theory
Dr. Li Jie explains his new acu-hole theory for the first time during an acupuncture congress in Sweden (March 2016).
Please visit this Facebook page for a video with a summary of his presentation (scroll to March 26, 2016).

Monthly ACNE Treatment Day
September 2015.
Dr. Li Jie is often asked to treat ACNE with Chinese herbs. Many people suffer needlessly from this condition.
Dr. Li Jie received frequent requests to offer his treatment to a wider audience. Therefore, he agreed to organize a monthly ACNE Treatment Day.
If you suffer from this condition, please do not hesitate to contact dr. Li Jie on 06 55 85 74 25.


Prof. dr. Li Jie appointed as president of the Qi Lu School Europe

24th July 2014, Ji Nan China: prof. dr. Li Jie received the official appointment by prof. Wang Xinlu as president and inherited fellowship of the European Branch of the ‘Qi Lu Nei Ke Shi Bing Liu Pai Chuan Cheng Gong Zuo Shi’ (China National Inheritance of TCM Academy, Qi Lu School for Miscellaneous Disease)’, which is one of China’s 64 national authorized academic inheritance TCM schools.

In April 2014, prof. Wang Xinlu was recognized by the China national administration as the principal professor and lineage holder of the Qi Lu Nei Ke Shi Bing Liu Pai Chuan Cheng Gong Zuo Shi.
He has the authority to appoint new master students and fellows of his Qi Lu school.
Prof. Wang Xinlu was the president of the Shan Dong TCM University for 15 years, and he is now the honorary president of this university.
He is Vice-chairman of the China National TCM Association, and a member of the standing committee of China National Congress, and vice-chairman of the Shan Dong Congress Committee and is responsible for medical issues.

More information about this historic fact will be placed as soon as possible.

Left: prof. dr. Wang Xinlu, right: prof. dr. Li Jie.



Article of prof. dr. Li Jie published in The Lantern - A journal for practitioners of Chinese medicine

The difference between Qihai and Guanyuan has been published in Volume 11, No.3 (September 2014).
For more information about The Lantern, please visit: this website.


January 2013 - New courses and articles for download

October 2011 - prof. dr. Li Jie presents at the World Education Congress of Chinese Medicine

Prof. dr. Li Jie did present at the Second World Education Congress of Chinese Medicine in Beijing.
He also is elected as board member of the World Federation for TCM Standardization with focus on Examination and Evaluation of TCM Education. For this federation he is the consul in Europe.

TCMCRI is extending its scope to education. Professional courses in classical TCM will be given in the near future.
During this congress it became clear that for years TCMCRI is on the right track!

Prof. dr. Li Jie is co-founder of TCMCRI - TCM Classics Research Institute


May 2011 - prof. dr. Li Jie lectures at Beijing University of Chinese Medicine

On May 31st prof. dr. Li Jie was invited to give a lecture at the prestigious Beijing University of Chinese Medicine (BUCM).

As co-founder of the TCM Classics Research Institute (TCMCRI) he is responsible for the academic education programs in Europe.

TCMCRI is collaborating with BUCM to offer academic level TCM education and to do research on TCM Classics. Again, a true milestone!


Right: these posters announced the lecture all over the university campus.


October 2010 - prof. dr. Li Jie receives certificate from prof. dr. Wang Xinlu
After two years of preparation and two years of study, eleven students did exam at the Shandong University of TCM (SDUTCM - Jinan, P.R.China) in October 2010.
Prof. dr Li Jie's dream came true. As an important advocate of classical TCM he created in collaboration with the SDUTCM the Practical Shang Han Lun and Jin Gui Yao Lüe Diploma Course(for more information click here).

This course teaches students line by line the two most important clinical texts in TCM.
50 days study in two years - 25 days in China and 25 days in the Netherlands.
Western TCM experts told him that western students could never study these two important texts in great detail. Prof. dr. Li Jie proved them wrong.
In October 2010 eleven students did two exams. One in the Shang Han Lun and one in the Jin Gui Yao Lüe. This exam consisted of writing an essay about a research question given by prof. dr. Jiang Jianguo (Shang Han Lun) and prof. dr. Tao Hanhua (Jin Gui Yao Lüe) and presenting the results at the SDUTCM.
The exam committee consisted of prof. dr. Wang Xinlu (former president of SDUTCM and now vice-chairman of the governmental TCM department), prof. dr. Jiang Jianguo and prof. dr. Tao Hanhua.
During their defense, the students had to answer difficult questions asked by the professors.
All eleven students passed both exams. A milestone of TCM in Europe!
Never before did so many western students study these important classic texts in such great detail.

To put it in three words - Yes, we can!

For his achievements, prof. dr. Li Jie received a special certificate from prof. dr. Wang Xinlu.

Photo below: The professors and the group of students and Chinese officials after the exam at the SDUTCM.


From China to The Netherlands
In 1989, dr. Li Jie finished his master training at the Beijing Medical University in China. He participated as a doctor in research concerning chemical induced liver diseases and the use of chinese herbs for the prevention of these diseases. In 1997, he finished his Ph.D. and post doctoral study with prof. Wendelaar Bonga from the Nijmegen University in The Netherlands.
Dr. Li Jie has published many scientific articles in the field of physiology, endocrinology, stress physiology and cell program death.
Since 1992, he is active in the development of TCM in The Netherlands. He is one of founders of the Qing-Bai TCM Academy and has been involved in TCM teaching and practice for more than 20 years. Currently, he is a professor of the Shandong TCM University (Jinan, China), academic supervisor for the Dutch Acupuncture Association (NVA) and academic supervisor of the Qing-Bai TCM University.
For nine years he was an advanced lecturer for the Dutch General Practitioner (GP) Acupuncture Association (NAAV). Dr. Li Jie is lecturing internationally and is often asked as a speaker on conferences, such as the TCM congress in Rothenburg (Germany). At the moment he is involved in the development of international education of classical TCM and advanced TCM.

TCM Classics Research Institute and TCM Master Training
Dr. Li Jie is co-founder and director of the TCM Classics Research Institute (TCMCRI) founded in 2007. Together with co-founder Kris Oosting he is active in realizing the institute's mission: “To enable TCM students and practitioners throughout the world to learn from TCM classical texts and to apply the knowledge in these texts to modern clinical situations.”
Since 2007, dr. Li Jie plays a leading role in the ‘international Master Degree TCM training program’ in collaboration with the Shandong TCM University in China.

For more information about prof. dr. Li Jie's trainings and seminars, please see TCMCRI-seminars.

Below from left to right: prof dr. Wang Xinlu (director of Shandong TCM University and governor of Shandong province presents prof. dr. Li Jie with his professorship in 2007, a group of over 250 TCM students listening to prof. dr. Li Jie.



How to book an appointment

The best way to book an appointment is to call the clinic on

06-55 85 74 25


prof. dr. Li Jie: "My mission is to practice TCM in order to preserve life and to teach TCM in order to educate people."

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