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Prof. dr. Li Jie's Lectures

Since 1992, he is active in the development of TCM in The Netherlands. He is one of founders of the Qing-Bai TCM Academy and has been involved in TCM teaching and practice for more than 20 years.
Currently, he is a professor of the Shandong TCM University (Jinan, China).
For nine years he was an advanced lecturer for the Dutch General Practitioner (GP) Acupuncture Association (NAAV).
Dr. Li Jie is lecturing internationally and is often asked as a speaker on conferences, such as the TCM congress in Rothenburg (Germany). At the moment he is involved in the development of international education of classical TCM and advanced TCM. Currently, he is teaching internationally.

Training at the TCM Classics Research Institute

For more information, please see TCMCRI.

For international conferences, seminars and courses
If you are interested in lectures from prof. dr. Li Lie, please go to the website of the TCM Classics Research Institute or send an email to:



How to book an appointment

The best way to book an appointment is to call the clinic on

06-55 85 74 25

Kŏng Zĭ said: “Wherever three persons come together, one of them will surely be able to teach me something. I will pick out his good points and emulate them; his bad points I will reform.” i.e. we should always be ready to learn from others.